Is Evang. Diana Asamoah getting marry Dada KD?

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Gospel musician Diana Asamoah causes stirring on social media with a recent post, 'Save the Date'.

The singer's recent post on social media with the prolific Highlife star Dada KD garnered a lot of reactions.

In a post called 'Save the Date', the two seemed to fall in love and look smiling, so fans wondered if the Gospel singer's 40-year spinsterhood would end.

However, some network operators have ruled out the possibility that the two may already be preparing for future cooperation.

On the other hand, Dada KD, who has not yet confirmed this rumor, has just asked the fans to wait because they are already ready to cut off the Internet on September 3, 2022. 

“What’s being put together, none should try and set asunder,” he said in a separate post.

But from the look of things and per rumours, that post "save the date" does not seem to be her collaboration with Dada KD. Let's wait to see what will come off on the September 3, 2022.

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