Reactions After Millicent Omanga Attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin On The War With Ukraine

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Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has caused a series of mixed reactions online after she gave out her opinion concerning the Russia and Ukraine war.

"The world must stand with the people of Ukraine and respond strongly to Putin's unprovoked aggression. The world will pay a heavy price if Putin succeeds in his expansionist campaign", she wrote.

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This comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered for invasion of Ukraine a move that has left many claiming that it's the start of World War 3.

However, her comments weren't received lightly as many asked her to focus on the challenges Kenyans are facing and stop meddling in other country's issues.

Evans: Why are they fighting mheshimiwa? Let us not Tweet for the sake of tweeting. Let us Fight hunger and unemployment.

Mashel: Putin must be trembling reading this from a nominated senator from Kenya

Eliana: Putin already made it clear that any nation interfering will suffer consequences. Why don't u guys just focus on retaking Migingo and fighting guys in sandals in Baringo and Kerio Valley?

What are your thoughts about this? Should African leaders meddle in Russian and Ukraine differences?

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