Nairobi As the Best City Ahead of All Cities In East Africa


Kenya is one of Africa's "lion economies", according to business commentators who continue to gape at the high levels of economic growth on the continent. East Africa's largest economy, Kenya has a set of ambitious targets in its bid to become a middle-income country by 2030.

Nairobi was founded in 1899 by the colonial authorities in British East Africa, as a rail depot on the Ugandan railway and the town quickly grew to replace Mombasa as the capital of Kenya in1963, Nairobi became the capital of the Republic of Kenya. During Kenya's colonial period, the city became a centre colony's coffee and sisal industry during those days.

Nairobi is one of the best work to repair and maintain Kenya’s road network continues. In 2009, the Bank financed a study to take an inventory and condition of Kenya’s documented roads while work is ongoing to determine the size of other road categories, including community roads with corridors of less than nine meters.

Over the next decade, Kenya’s massive investment in its roads will be guided by the Big 4 initiative, which highlights manufacturing and affordable housing as instrumental to attaining economic development goals by 2030.

The success of both sectors will depend on an efficient and extensive road network that connects Kenyans across the country and with its neighbors. The government is leveraging Public Private Partnerships and concessional financing such as IDA to continue upgrading Kenya’s road network in line with the Vision 2030 development goals.