Just In: Law Enforcement Agents In Lagos To Use Body Cameras On Duty


The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu unveils new technology for the agents of law enforcement. He made this known this evening through his verified Facebook page.

According to what was made available to us, he said;

To enhance public safety and increase investors confidence, I approve the use of body cameras and mass training of its use for law enforcement personnel in Lagos State.

This is will increase the transpirancy and the accountability in the activities of our law enforcement agencies.

The security challenges in different parts of the country are worrisome, but with provocative actions , use of modern Technological tools , and well trained and intelligent personnel , we will successfully combat many of these challenges .

The goal is a safer Lagos.

Below are the pictures captured during the moments .

This is a welcome development in the midst of the security challenges facing our country today.

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