Checkout 5 Outfit Inspirations From Tiwa Savage Which Can Be Worn At Different Events

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Every event has an unwritten rule about the type of outfit that can be worn there. Often times, it is difficult to choose the perfect outfit that will suit the mood of different events. This article will make everything easier by highlighting five outfits that Tiwa Savage has worn. These outfits can now be used as a fashion inspiration for different occasions.

1 A good number of Nigerians love to go to the beach but not all of them like wearing bikinis. This dress which Tiwa Savage paired with some denim shorts is perfect for beach events. The outfit looks very simple and it also has a relaxed vibe around it, which is perfect for the beach. If you want to add a little spice to this outfit, then you can top it off with a hat.

2 Blue is a soothing color and wearing it from head to toe gives you a very calm look. Tiwa Savage paired her lovely blue dress with a pair of blue sneakers. The entire outfit looked very simple, which makes it a perfect outfit choice for lunch dates and other casual events.

3 Wedding ceremonies are a big deal in Nigeria and many wedding guests try to look their best. The dress Tiwa Savage is wearing here will make you stand out as a wedding guest because it looks absolutely gorgeous. Minimal jewelry is required when you wear such an outfit because the dress already has a lot going on with it.

4 The dress Tiwa Savage is wearing here is the perfect option for picnics because of its simple appearance. It is advisable to wear comfortable outfits for picnics and this dress is a clear example. This lovely dress will serve two purposes at a picnic because it both comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

5 Red carpet events require glamorous outfits and this dress which Tiwa Savage wore here is a good choice for such occasions. The peach colored dress has a glamorous look to it, which makes it a perfect outfit choice for red carpet events.

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