Why Ghanaians Should Have Voted For John Dramani Mahama in 2020 Elections. (Opinion)


The governing of the nation has virtually become the birth right of the two leading major political parties in the country; National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party since 1992.

Many Ghanaians do not seem to be happy with the way they have handled the affairs of the country. To most Ghanaians, non of the two parties have lived up to expectations.

But the events in the recently country are beginning to make Ghanaians have a rethink. Most are giving the following reasons as to why the former president should have been voted for in the immediate past elections;

1. The relative peace and tranquility the nation enjoyed under his leadership. It was not perfect but it seems much better than we are experiencing now.

2. He built the basic infrastructure needed for development and was about to build the economy when he was unfortunately voted out. This included roads, hospitals and others.

3. He was able to end "dumsor". The frequent power outages that crippled a lot of businesses, that made his party unpopular was brought under control. He found a lasting solutions to this major problem that governments before him could not solve.

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