This Is Why Thor Can Beat Superman

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Most people call this the battle between gods, o yes this can be true as they are both from other worlds and are like gods. Before we proceed let's introduce our contestants in the probably who knows, future epic match between super man and Thor.

Introducing the Asgardian god, the god of thunder and lightning, the protector of the nine realms Thor.

Introducing the watcher and keeper of the Earth, the First Superhero who has lived for over eighty years after his first appearance on Earth in 1939, the last Kryptonian Kal El, the greatest of the Justice league hero Superman.

Now that they are fully introduced and we know them, let's measure them up in their abilities, weaknesses, strength, stamina, powers, ultimate form and some other more.

1. Strength.

In this I will go with Superman, he is one of the strongest men alive if not the strongest ever. We have seen him do remarkable things with his strength. He has been known to be able to move a planet even on his own without any help. Imagine someone moving Earth, out of its own orbit that really scary don't you think. Thor is one of the strongest avengers and Marvel characters. Thor has been known to move the tower of pisa with just a finger, yes almost no one can lift his Hammer, but it comes with an enchantment from his father which says “If anyone be worthy let him possess the power of Thor and be able to lift the hammer” Therefore there can be cases Superman can prove his worthiness and Weild Thor's hammer. Since we know that Superman his a kind hearted and considerate man, compared to the former arrogance and pride of Thor.

2. Speed

Again I will give this to Superman, he has been known to travel faster than the speed of light and even travel in time. He can run fast and also fly fast but, be rest assured that the fastest man on Earth is still Barry Allen, The Flash. Superman's speed is even more greater when in space. Thor can fly, without his Hammer but mostly he does that with his hammer. So therefore with his Hammer he can also travel at the speed of light and even travel in time. But superman would beat him in speed.

3. Superhuman Abilities.

Thor would definitely be given this, Thor his not just a man with an hammer, he his an Asgardian god, the son of an Earth goddess, the step son of a magical endowed woman and the god of thunder. Therefore he has access to lightning, magic, earth control. And he can control some other things with this power. Superman on the other hand has quite a handful of abilities but most may not be able to inflict serious damage on the god. These are: freeze breath, heat vision, creating winds with sneeze or blow. Imagine comparing this to lightning, he's definitely got no chance against that.

4. Invunerability

I would give this to Thor, this due to the fact that he has a well impenetrable and protected armour. This armour his made up of Asgardian metal, called uru and magic runes, adding to his god like nature and super strength, it will take only very high tier of magic to inflict damage on Thor. His sister was able to do this, probably because they were family and she's more or less like a goddess. Superman on the other hand has been seen to bleed sometimes when exposed to red sun or even Kryptonite, therefore his body is penetrable to these stuffs.

5. Weakness

Thor would definitely be given this, if Thor can just have a spec of Kryptonite in his possession, then our dear superman is dead already. Even without Kryptonite Thor still has higher chance of killing Kal El, although it may take time, it will surely be possible. The only thing that can harm Thor his very very high level of magic, maybe that of Dr. Strange or even Detective John in DC Justice League. But Superman can be defeated by infra-red exposure, Kryptonite and magic.

6. Ultimate Form

I would give this to Thor again, Thor can reach an ultimate form where he becomes his older form, more King like, godlike and unstoppable, is power becomes so increased that we can't even level it. Superman's ultimate form can be deadly as well, when he absorbs serious amount of radiation from the sun, he glows like the sun. Combined with anger, he could inflict serious damage on Thor's normal form but definitely not his ultimate form. As we know Superman doesn't always like to go all out on his opponent at the beginning of a fight. As for Thor he really loves battle and would take every bit of it serious.

So who do you think will win between these two? drop your suggestion in the comments below.

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