Why People Need To Often Have Sex

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We are all aware that there are certain benefits that come along as one engages in intimate activities. Some people do not regard this as useful information, but it is, as there are many benefits derived. Though this reason is not for all people, as some are still underage to be taking part in these activities. Here are reasons why people need to often have intimacy.

It Keeps The Immune System Active

Those that engage themselves, have less risk of sick days. Therefore they have higher levels of what protects the body against viruses, germs and other diseases. In short, intimacy improves the active power of the immune system to fight against diseases.

Is A Form Of Exercise

Not all people workout on the daily basis. Though, the effort one puts in when having intimacy counts as work. Hence it is good for people who do not exercise regularly.

Reduces The Rate Of Heart Attacks

A good intimate lifestyle is good for the heart. It helps keep a person's estrogen and testosterone in balance. When either one is low, a person may face countless problems. Therefore it helps to keep the balance and reduce the risks of heart diseases.

Other reasons include, lowering ones blood pressure, easing stress, improving sleep and many more. All these contribute to reasons why an intimate life is essential to all people, which needs to be noted and taken into consideration.

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