Meet The Footballer Who Was Never Booked (Carded) In His 33 Years Career (Photos)


It is hard to play a career as a footballer for many years without being booked.There is a footballer who was extraordinary in which he did not receive yellow or red card in his football career.Stanley Mathews is named the greatest footballer to ever never been shown either yellow or red card.

Stanley Mathews is an English footballer who played football for thirty three years career which lasted from 1932 to 1965.He served three clubs during his career:Stoke city for nineteen years,Blackpool for fourteen years and finally Toronto City for two loan periods.This was so impressive basing on the years he played during his career that is longer than any other footballer.

He made a total of 857 appearances during his career ,in which 803 were at club level and 54 at league level. In all these appearances he was not shown any card neither yellow nor red.How was this possible?

Reports indicates that, Stanley Mathews was an intelligent player who was great at dribbling and always avoided unnecessary challenges.He rarely tackled his opponents who seemed to be prone of him being carded.Despite having other players who also were not booked, He was ranked the top due to his longest football career of 33 years with 853 appearances that could have made him to be booked. 

Is this possible now in our current football?Share your views with us for more interesting football histories.


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