Fair Or Unfair? - Nigerian Authorities Crush More Than 2,000 Confiscated Motorcycle Taxis

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Nigerian authorities have recently crushed over 2,000 confiscated motorcycle taxis popularly known as "Okada" in the biggest city, Lagos. The act was triggered by a murder case that occurred somewhere last month. Nigeria is one of the African countries which has a ban on the use of motorcycle taxis.

Ever since the ban was implemented, it has had a mixed reaction from residents. Some people are saying the riders drive dangerously, while others claim motorcycle taxis provide vital work for the youth.

One 38-year-old sound engineer by the name of David was murdered in the upmarket Lekki neighborhood after a disagreement over transport fares. The awful incident sparked a lot of conversation on the internet which forced the authorities to act.

Nigerian authorities crushed motorcycle taxis that have been seized to serve as a deterrent to people who want to still use the banned motorcycle taxis.

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