End Times: Woman gives advice to prepare for what is coming.


We all know what has been going on currently in our world today, whereby sin is on the increase every single day.

We have seen and also heard of the wicked things going on, the killings the kidnapping, the rape, the increase in prices of things in market's and shops, the hard things all around, that is why I have taken my time to put this message as best I could, so you can take it to heart and for it not to leave your memory.

According to her the message in which she is passing to us, came to her in the form of a revelation that ever since she got the revelation, she has been weeping and crying.

In her revelation, she said she saw people paying homage to strange gods, and doing all manner of awkward things, in which she did not understand.

According to her all of a sudden the atmosphere in her revelation began to change, and she saw a flood coming out of nowhere and carrying things that man has ever made, and even man himself.

According to her people did not even know what was going on as people still had their brief cases, school bags and even saw someone with a glass of wine in the flood.

She had earlier stated that when she saw the flood coming in the revelation she and her family who were in the car at that time drove uphill to avoid the flood and they were safe there.

She went further to say that she saw people in the flood, and being carried away by it, till it get to part of the flood that seems like a water fall and people are destroyed by it.

NOTE: I did not give the details word for word but you can watch the video below with word for word details.


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