BBN Star Rico Swavey Reveals Why Girls Should Stop Trying to Look Like Other Girls on Instagram

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Former big brother naija star Rico Swavey has a message for girls who spend their time trying to look like some girls they see on Instagram, as he discloses that '' you will never look like that girl on Instagram. That girl on Instagram doesn't even look like the girl on Instagram'' he penned down in a cheeky Twitter's post to address those girls who might be tripping.

What the singer was trying to point out is the amount of faking that comes with pictures people especially girls post on Instagram. Are you aware of all the filters, and editing features of the popular application? And how some people might appear totally different in reality to the person that have been portraying to be of themselves, this is the reality of today's world which people needed to comprehend.

But as it is, you see many girl getting themselves worked up trying to be an image that is devoid of reality, a picture which someone might have painted of themselves by using filters, and editing a picture which is free from blemish, and mostly perfect from the enhancement that technology brings. It is necessary for a person to face reality, and understand like Rico Swavey had disclosed that even that fine girl on Instagram doesn't even look like herself in reality.

It is high time people learn to be themselves, and not be lost in a world of fantasy which someone else has painted, for that is one of the major reason why some people have gone into depression, because they so much believe in pictures that aren't real, the world today is filled with gadgets that can be used to enhance photos, phone and camera companies now take time to create devices that captures sharp, and quality images devoid of blemish, and photo editing apps makes changing the outlook of photos more enticing, and flamboyant that many people get lost when the see the output of technology enhancing photos that they take to be real, which gets them deceived at the end.

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