Kenyans To Spend More On Milk Purchase

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Members of the public will have to dig deeper in their pockets for breakfast following a rise in price of milk by five shillings for both fresh and long life brands.

As reported by Kahawatungu news,the move came out as a result of high producer pricesin the market.

Farmers increased the price of milk from thirty three shillings to fourty five shillings,which had remained constant for a couple of months."For a long time consumer prices remained at fourty five to fifty shillings per packet depending on the brand,” said new Kenya cooperative creameries managing director Nixon Sigey.

These new changes will now force consumers of the product to pay for sixty shillings for a half a litre packet of long life milkand fifty five shillings for fresh milk.

The change in price comes days after the price of sugar was increased by twenty shillings per kilogram.One kilogram of sugar is currently sold at two hundred and fourty shillings from the current two hundred shillings.

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