The Church Has The Answer To Covid 19, So I Won't Take COVID Vaccine –Bishop Oyedepo


President of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop Oyedepo had said he won't take the covid 19 vaccines because the church has the answer to the covid 19 viruses.

He made this known during the Living faith Saturday church’s Hour of Prayer service, he said that it is not right to force people to take the vaccine because they are not guinea pigs. While further explaining that the world is in total confusion but the church is a light that can help the world out of his confusion.

The cleric also uses the case of a woman who went down after she received an injection in Kaduna state to stress why people should not be forced to receive the vaccine. He also said that he owed no one any apology for rejecting the vaccine, before adding that he is only doing his job and which is to expose The Devil and his agents.

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