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The South African National Parks are hiring. Sanparks include Kruger National park and other parks that belong to the South African government. If you are unemployed and are passionate with wild life then these are there jobs for you.

Though it may not be you but if you know somebody who needs this job then spread the word.

You only need grade 10 in this post so please try your luck and expirience however even learn as you go is accepted so try.

Apply for this position or send it to people whp are qualified for it.

Even if you not interested in this posts but know somebody who might, tell them about it.

We always know people who are job seeking, if it isn't us personally. Although you may not meet all the requirements but try it maybe you might succeed to stage 2 that is the interview level and then maybe you might reach stage 3 which is the hired level. However you won't know unless you try.


Sourcers: Sanparks website:

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