"We Are Not Scared of Giving Birth to a Disabled Child" Meet The Couple That Amazed Everyone


Patricia and Baptiste were born with disability but that did not stop them from finding love and getting married despite the challenges.

The couple claims they had lost hope of finding love since they were always reject but when they met everything changed and they knew they were mean't for each other.

Baptiste claims his parents took him to the hospital but when he was about to be attended for by the doctors, there was an earthquake and he lost his father that day.

Patricia claims she completed school and she took a course where she trained to sew sweaters but upto now she is jobless although she has tried applying for jobs.

The couple shocked everyone where they claims most people gaze at them whenever they pass by. They also claim they are not scared of raising a disabled child.

Patricia and Baptiste are happily married and they don't regret meeting and getting married because they are able to understand one another despite the challenges.


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