Dead baby daddy is haunting her daughter a prophet told her the reason see what causes this

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A 38 years old mother from snake Park in soweto feels like she needs protection with her daughter because her dead daddy is haunting them.

The women was madly in love with her dead baby daddy they were in a happy relationship until a nossy neighbor decided to secretly inform the baby daddy that the kid is not his,she looks like someone from their area.

"I've never given him a reason not to trust me but he confronted me with this lies" said the women.

The man had promised to marry her but since the paternity became an issue he decided to put that on hold.

Last year October the man started terrorrising the child unfortunately he died this year April

Now he keeps on hunting the child in her dreams,he chokes her or scare her

The women went to the prophet and this is what he said

"The man is angry he is failing to protect the child because he is in doubt "

she was then given holy water to sprinkle around the house and tied the child with a green string on her waist


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