The Owiwi war(1832-1834)

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The Owiwi war took place in 1832between the ijebu, ibadan, Ota and egbado

The egba people rise in abeokuta into a powerful force did not go unchallenged from other Yoruba groups as they became rivals in all commercial activities

It reignited the feud between the newly settled Egba people and the ijebu as the Egba traders are now seen as a significant rival to the ijebu and the ibadan trade

To deal with the growing power of the Egba people ijebu teamed up with ibadan and made egbado the base in which they will launch their attack against the Egba people . It was intended to be the total annihilation of the Egba people

Meanwhile some egbado groups had decided not to join forces against the Egba leading to internal disputes

The egbado group that did not join forces against the Egba are ilewo, Ibara ishaga

Adele and Bobani had raised forces to help the Egbas from badagry . The forces Marched toward Ado. but they were Refused passage

The attitude of these communities toward Adele forces eventually lead to a war called Adele war

The forces camped at koboro near the Owiwi River while in position to attack the Egbas sodeke and his army ambushed the unit destroying it

The survival of the ambush fled but the Egbas led by sodeke followed in pursuit. At this stage it was revealed to the Egba people that some egbado had played a significant role in the attack against them

Egba army went after egbado after Egba had been cleaned of invaders the Egba turned to Egbado town that supported or engaged in the war

the egba army led by bada of Kemta Apati attacked ilaro where many people were killed and displaced fled to ijanna while the king and his family fled to ifoyin

Egba forces did not stop going after the fleeing egbado leading to invasion of ijanna upon noticing the strength of the Egba warriors Akere who was ijanna war chief led the fleeing ijanna and ilaro refugee to Refurefu

Some people from ijanna settled at Refurefu while some fled to ifoyin where the olu of ilaro had fled to which made him fled again to the itoro town his mother town

Egba warriors led by sodeke heard that olu had fled to itoro so they invaded the village caught up with him and killed him

Meanwhile in 1834 ibadan regroup to attack the Egba again

The war is called Arakanga war

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