“One day, death will make you useless and society won’t grind to a halt” – Professor Ransford Gyampo


The outspoken Political Science lecturer at University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo, has cautioned people, especially leaders who over-abuse their legitimate powers and authority in the country.

In a Facebook post today, Professor Ransford Gyampo averred that people should learn to be humble, modest and unpretentious despite their wealth, power and authority they enjoy today. This is because power transcends. 

According to him, Ghana has not been halted or shut down after the demise of a powerful and charismatic President, John Jerry Rawlings.

Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo further asseverated that death will make every living organism useless because society will move on without your wealth, power and authority. 

Hence, people should be humble. 

He wrote that,

“So is Rawlings of all people truly dead and gone? See how we have seamlessly moved on! Humble yourself in your position of power today, for u aren’t that powerful after all. 

One day, death will make you useless and society won’t grind to a halt. It would move on without you!

Who are you?”

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