Evil Nature of Campus Students That May Be Unreal To Parents Gomorrah


To those who have no idea about Campus life, they may think that intellects are modest of all the people in the society. However, this is not always the case as the following 3 behaviors will depict Sodom and Gomorrah as whenever you think of Campus.

1.Night clubbing. Campus students attend night clubs where they meet and have fun with each as they enjoy drugs. After clubbing, campus girls usually go for sleep Overs with the strang men they while drinking alcohol. Below is photo of Campus girls during a night club.

2. Homosexuality. The Bible clearly condemns homosexuality as an evil behavior and an abomination. However to self claimed civilized campus students, this has nothing to do with them. The evil lesbians and gays carryout their activities openly without shame.

3. Rape. The evil senior campus student take advantage over first years who are not much aware of the school. They call it first years 'orientation'. The male usually entice and hosts innocent 'freshers' in their places of residence and use them as sex toys.

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