DA said their biggest mistake was to work with EFF

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People must just understand that in politics there is no one who has got a clear agenda, everyone has an agenda that she or he is pushing. It may look like the intention is clean just when they are talking to people in campaigns in order to win them over, but the moment they get what they want, politicians they will begin to reveal their true colors.

It is not just them, almost everybody actually in politics do that. All politicians don't have clear intentions they've got to mix the agendas, the other one they want to do help people maybe just 20% of it, but 80% of whatever they are doing it is all about enriching themselves. It is all about making themselves a priority. So politics is tlull of lies and th full of trick games, it's not personal mayter, it's just politics playing between EFF and DA



“When I listened to Malema’s words, I thought to myself he is acting like a jilted lover. Remember in 2016 we had a relationship with Malema, that was the biggest mistake the DA has ever made and I conceded. 

"But we went to some kind of engagement, I suppose; a long term on-off dating relationship in which they gave us minority governance, but expected us to be true to them and not date anyone else. We saw that ended up in a full-blown relationship between one of our mayors which exists till today although he is in another party. 

“This time around we said absolutely no way we are going into any arrangement whatsoever with EFF. We were approached to support the EFF mayor in Rustenburg and we said no. I had no idea that Malema was going to support us anywhere in the country because we broke it off," Zille said. 

“This election was all about the DA vs the ANC


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