How to live a long and beautiful life.


It has been evident through the years up to this millennium that people desire along life and others also do admire eternity in this life which is actually impossible.

Immortality can only be described as a high degree of imagination thus one can only tend to increase his or her lifespan in this world.

If u want to leave a long and beautiful life you should consider the following factors;


This is relationship between your close relatives and those friends who empower you with positive minds.

Marital relationship if very vital if u want to live long enough,couples getting married to the partners who fit them very well for instance,this is very important since happiness eliminates anger,depression,humiliation and sadness. Only a person who really loves you and understands you would keep you out of bad emotions which is an advantage if u want to live long life and happy.


This is all about eating healthy foods and being absorbed into your body for growth and maintenance. A balanced diet is very important in your day to day life for full growth of the body and maintenance of body organs and tissues. It is recommended to even use specific diets when your suffering from specific conditions i.e diabetes or certain disorders it is very essential for keeping the body maintained and strong.


This is doing an activity intended to improve physical or mental strength and fitness. Physical exercise is all about stretching physical body parts for relaxation and to keep feet. Massage can also been used as a tool for both physical and mental relaxation.For mental exercise meditation is sometimes recommended.


This is the state of mind or actually the way of carrying one self. Believing in one self and high self esteem to overcome any negativity or challenges in life to extract you from depression or stress of any kind which cold lead to a shorter life. Patience is very essential as many old people die earlier than their day due to thoughts of death or their all dead friends thus accumulating a bad attitude in their minds which is poisonous. The oldest people in this world talk of waiting for their right time and that is patience.