Tension High As Condom Shortage Is Allegedly Missing In Naivasha

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An acute condom shortage has hit Naivasha town as rally lovers continue trooping into the popular vacation destination to witness the ongoing World Safari Rally championships.

The event started on Thursday and is scheduled to end on Sunday, June 26.Naivasha, better known to fun lovers as Vasha, is a popular vacation destination for holidaymakers.

However, the web site facilitating of the WRC has noticeable an upsurge of traffic to the town, which incorporate intercourse individuals, principal to a shortage of condoms.Stanley Ngara, normally alluded to as the 'Lord of Condom' says openly administered specialists of Kenya condoms have run out.

"We have controlled to search for and appropriate to our charming Kenyans. The call for might be exceptionally exorbitant as we're talking. The intercourse individuals are occupied," Stanley expressed.

The King of Condom gos through his days showing people roughly secure intercourse rehearses and apportioning condoms.He is spellbound with hoisting cognizance on inconveniences of sexual regenerative wellness and privileges, which incorporate HIV and AIDS.

Stanley disperses the sheaths openly to selective organizations which incorporate the adolescent, intercourse individuals, boda riders, undergrads, commercial center financial backers or even medication clients.

He says he has been a chaotic person for the explanation that Safari Rally event were given in progress on Thursday.

"The greater part of the enterprises are really running 24 hours. I really have addressed a motel money manager and he says his pay for condoms are exceptionally unnecessary," Stanley expressed.

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