Avoid Over Burdening Your Wives With Bills - Benjamin Zulu Advices Men

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Benjamin Zulu advices men that women pays everything becouse they fear of being alone. Better be with the dysfunctional man than being with no man. In their mind thinking having a man is an achievement. It is unfair to introduce children to a world that doesn't exist. There is no advantage or power in keeping them with a dysfunctional parent. They need love and peace rather than a complete family. And teaching them that is how the world functions. The societal pressure many women resolved long ago that this is not working. But their mothers told them you can't shame us.

Ladies be independent enough to do what is good for you and for young generation not for your family. We have to had intergenerational dysfunction, becouse we are protecting family images. At the cost of the emotional well-being of our children of ourselves of our future. They genuinely believe they are doing a favor to help their children. If you stay where you are carrying the burdens alone the situation is dire. It is better you create another alternative or setting somewhere where you would have found a system to sustain them.

Others don't t choose or evaluate them as their husband got emotionally entangled in intimacy then pregnancy. Do intimacy inside marriage, becouse intimacy outside marriage is very expensive. They fear will lose lover it is very small compared to the consequences of doing outside marriage. It was never a sober decision stay becouse they come with a child. He accepted you at what cost of adapting him also as a child. But started playing as a father figure now you have two children. If marriage is not working better be a lone and be free. Don't marry a person who is not an improvement on your single life.

The problem is men have refused to carry their own weight through life. And to face the challenges of life. So they get a loaded, well established woman who is very visible unhappy and insecurity. Not confident of her own identity, woman very successful but still doubtful of whether they deserve good things men sense it first. Then women lose their femininity and become a masculine woman.

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