Why You Should Always Check on your Family And Friends


We live in a generation where families no longer sit down together as a unit. Everyone is nowadays living on his own, no phone calls, no sms, no visiting, I mean no communication at all.

Most people do that maybe because they don't have time, or they had a misunderstanding with one of the family member, or maybe because they feel like they don't need them family anymore.

What you are forgetting is, you can never make it when you are alone. Find a friend you can trust and call when things go bad with you. Find a family,it doesn't have to be all the family members, find one person you can easily reach out to whenever you experience some problems in your life.

Lonely life is good, but it's bad too when a calamity strikes. Imagine if that was your body found there after rotting, what do you think led to that?

No friends, no relatives, no one to talk to, living a lonely life such that your presence or absence doesbt affect the people around you.

Friends, family, kindly also learn to check on your people, do not assume that because they are quiet they are getting it well on their side. Stress might be killing them, depression might be taking then to the grave, I mean, something wrong might be happening to them. Please stop assuming that they are okay. Reach out to them.

Umoja ni nguvu, utengano ni udhaifu.

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