#PodcastandChill "Solomzi" shares painful life story.

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#PodcastandChill "Solomzi" shares painful life story.

The "Podacst and Chill with McG" is not only an entertainment podcast but has created employment for several "industry write-offs". These include the likes of Solomzi "Sol Phenduka". Sol is a DJ, radio personality, composer and songwriter.

The thirty four (34) years old University of Johannesburg graduate shares a very painful snippet of his life story. Sol lost him mother to death seventeen (17) years ago, when he was only 17 years old. He further expressed that he misses his mother so much. The exact date his mother died was the 9th of February 2005, he also shared their picture on a day that looked like his birthday.

Death is a painful phenomenon that is utterly out of any human control. However, the recognition and appreciation of those who once became a part of our lives is very important and that is exactly what Sol did here. May his mother's soul continue resting in peace.

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