See The Meaning Of Jocular And Other English Words You Do Not Know Their Meaning


Some English words we use without knowing their meanings .

Some times a lot of people use English words without knowing the meaning or even wanting to know the meaning .

Before using any English word make sure you know the meaning to avoid using them wrongly .

Most people embarrass themselves because of wrong use of English especially in the public .

A times using word that does not match the present situation or condition.  

Some of the English words that we should know their meanings include .

Deleter : This is a person who or thing which deletes something.

Destigmatizing is The act of removing the negative connotation or social stigma associated with something.

Sieve is used for separating solid from liquid , it can also be use for separating wanted from the unwanted .

Shred : This is the act of cutting or tearing something into small pieces.

Infuse means to fill something or introduce something into another .

Congeal : When a liquid congeals, it becomes very thick and sticky and almost solid.

Simmer : This is the stage or temperature which is below boiling point .

Jocular : This is refer to people who are cheerful and always making jokes or try to make people laugh .

Witty : Using words in a clever, smart and funny way .


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