"I’ve Offered to Pay Her Fees Up to University Level" CJ Martha Koome Reveals, Sends Good News

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It is good news as the president of judiciary lady Chief Justice Martha Koome has expressed emotional moments revealing details. CJ Martha Koome has expressed her bold help to a student whom she has vowed to pay her school fees up to University Level.

Revealing details, CJ Martha Koome has said that she has offered herself to pay the school fees of a high school student who has joined Loreto High School up to University Level.

"I’ve offered to pay her fees up to university level," CJ Martha Koome stated

Koome has said it's an emotional moment as Lucky Njoki whom she has offered to support in her education set to join Limuru High School. According to Martha Koome, Lucy Njoki was a top performer in Kiambaa primary school

"Emotional moment as I finally got to fulfil Lucy Njoki’s wish of meeting me. Njoki who was the top performer in Kiambaa has joined Loreto High School Limuru," Lady Chief Justice Martha Koome stated

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