Cookie Tee Draws Attention From Many After Advice She Shares Goes Viral

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The efforts of celebrations and preparations being made prior to the Christmas festivities are intriguing indeed especially with some of our public figures going all out to make it a December to remember for both themselves and their fellow colleagues and followers. Cookie Tee has also not been left out as she serves as looks presenting herself ready for the festivities ahead.

She seems to have been carried away as a recent post of hers in which she shares advice about the coming year, had many seeing error in a caption and many had to react including her colleague who doubles as her follower as well, Ayisha Yakubu who quickly prompted her on the error made. It may not seem as a big deal but with the her pedigree in society, and the manner in which she portrays herself with her impeccable English, one would argue that the error would not escape her scrutiny. Well, one can only attribute this to the excitement which comes with the anticipation of the Christmas season. Some have also turned it into just for laughs and continue to pull her legs in a humorous manner.She is human and is therefore bound to make mistakes although with her public figure status, one would assume all would be perfect. It is about time some mentality some have concerning others changed since everyone is bound to make mistakes. At certain points in time we measure people by a yardstick and expect them to measure up to a certain standard and when they are unable to, they suffer at the hands of criticism. It is therefore glad to note that Ghanaians are now fond of positive and constructive criticism and their overlooking of petty mistakes. 

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