A Popular Kumawood Actor Says Some of His Six Kids Were Born Out of His Mistakes.


Kids are always sweet angels and divine blessing from the heavens. Every couple or parent becomes excited when they get blessings of the womb. But how would a couple or parent sometimes admit, these sweet angels are born out of their mistakes?

Marriage/Parenting can sometimes be messy and unappealing to partners if both partners lack, consistent commitment, communication, trust, forgiveness, hard work etc...

According to a news article published by Ghanawen.com, Actor Lil Win in 2017 was found in a disordered divorce humiliation which became the headling in the traditional media, online, and newspapers. After so many years of being married to Patricia Afriyie, his former wife, they broke up.

After about 4 years of their breakup, the popular actor who has been featured in so many Kumawod movies came out to say, he has a new life partner with two kids.

His new wife allegedly called Obaa Serwaa, according to information from ghanaweb.com, dwells in the United States and periodically visits him and the family.

The actor said, although he is no more with his former wife, he's still in good terms with her due to the kids he has with her. And has decided to keep his private and marital life out of the media space.

He then disclosed that he has six children, and some of these kids were born out of his 'mistakes'.

Every life is s blessing to the universe but if not well nurtured and taken care of properly by the society that child could probably be termed as a 'mistake' indeed.

Writer: Peter Mortoti

Date: 24th April 2021

Mortyflex newshub-gh@operanewshub.com