40 best movies of all time that you should watch

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Since when we started understanding what our eyes could see, we loved nothing more than using most of our leasure time to watch interesting movies on order to excited and feel relieved. back when you were small , you could not wait for the school to close so you could go home and watch any scientific, scary or romantic type of film.

In this post I'm bringing to u 40 movies that were hit back then, check the list below

1.Home Alone

2. Mission impossible

3. Blade

4. Rambo

5.Tai-chi Master

6. Van Helsing

7. HellRaiser

8. Predator

9. Jurassic Park

10. The Matrix

11. Toy Story

12. Blade

13. Fight Club

14. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

15. Men In Black

16. The Lion King

17. The Sixth sense

18. Jaws

19. Wrong turn

20. Anaconda

21. Shrek

22. Phatom Soldiers

23. Universal Soldier

24. The one

25. Hulk

26. Spider Man

27. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

28. Gladiator

29. Komodo

30. Final Destination

31. Lord of the Rings

32. Everybody hates Chris(Series)

33. Mutant X(Series)

34. Sanctuary (series)

35. Friday the 13th

36.Snake on a plane

37. Lethal weapon 4

38. Charlie's Angels 2000

40. Titanic

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