Ruto Team Organizes A Mega Political Rally In ODM Stronghold


Ruto and his team are working day and night to woo leaders and supporters mainly from NASA strongholds. They are targeting Western, Ukambani and Coastal regions. They have already netted powerful leaders like Aisha Jumwa, Mohammed Ali, Dr Khalwale among others. Ruto and his team have camped in Kilifi county where they have been hosted by Honourable Aisha Jumwa.

In Mombasa, they are trying although they still have a lot of work to do. Mohammed Ali and Omar Hassan are there representative of Tangatanga camp in Mombasa.

After attending a barial ceremony in Kilifi county, Ruto and his team toured Mombasa. They hosted a fund raising event to help business people who were affected by fire in Kongowea Market. After the fund raising event, Ruto and his team made several stopovers to address people who demanded to be addressed by them .

If this it reality on the ground, ODM party had a lot to do. They have start reclaiming their strongholds with tangible promises or developments in these regions. People are eagerly waiting to see Raila Odinga's game plan. Does he have resources and energy to compete with Ruto a d his team?