OPINION: Don't Make Our Youths Warlords/Mercenaries: Am Open Letter To The President


Mrs. Hilary Clinton, America's 67th United States secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 said this about our Nigerian leaders. and I quote "Nigerian leaders 'are able but unwilling' to make life better for their citizens."

Mr. President we are running out of time. We are a contributor to the insecurity because we are slow in action towards the whole problems but we can fix the situation if we want because it's easy to fix.

we all know that Nigeria is bigger than am individual but neither the Northern, the Biafrans, militants nor the OPC champions, secessionists, regionalists use the youths/corruption victims as warlords or mercenaries in Nigeria.

Let all the youth of Nigeria stand up to defend the country by the allegiance they have been paying to Nigeria and ignore sponsors of insecurity because is the pedestrian youths and their mothers & their siblings that will be hit the most at the end.

Categorically speaking "Those who confessed and display in Nigeria: nepotism, favoritism, fanaticism, sectionalism, regionalism and tribalism & terrorism are doing nothing but confessing their ignorance of our/their Creator, human existence, nationalism and the rule of law."

We have to be very careful in this country so as to avoid being engulfed by total darkness from what we see happening recently (kidnapping, banditry, herdsmen, Biafra, OPC, Boko Haram & self defense mechanism), where ethnic/regional nationalities are coming up with desperate measures to defend their territory against incursive agents and enemies of peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.

Mr. President, and Representatives, please reflect on the oath of your office, and act decisively now without sparing any threatening groups under the name of whatever nomenclatures.

Nigeria is calling now, and don't fail to obey.

Samaila2020 operanews-external@opera.com