Top 10 Greatest Football Strikers In Premier League History

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From the start, the Premier League has been the place to see goalscorers. The way the Championship has evolved over time has given rise to a wide variety of attacking styles, from the Les Ferdinands and Andy Carroll, always ready to put their heads on a cross, to poachers like Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler.

Here we have selected our 10 best Premier League strikers of all time. We've used a number of stats from last season to quantify our rankings, as well as the player's overall contribution to the game lately. 

All statistics are taken from and are correct as of the date posted. If you liked this article, you can follow to read our reviews of the best full-backs and forwards in the world today and the best goalkeepers of all time, in our next articles. 

 10) Robin van Persie

 280 matches

 144 goals

 53 assists

When we talk about Robin van Persie, a theme emerges. "I remember Arsene Wenger saying to me, 'He's better than you think' when we made the deal," 

He's so silky to look at, he has a great touch on the ball, he can hold the ball, get others to play, he has good timing in his runs, he is skillful, he has a dream left foot Robin van Persie occupied the 10 place on this ranked

 9) Eric Cantona

 156 matches

 70 goals

 56 assists

It’s not so much the goals that Eric Cantona scored but the way he scored them. One of Alex Ferguson's most inspired rookies, the Frenchman spent four and a half seasons at Old Trafford after failing at Leeds.  

With his gait and collar turned up, Cantona brought the “swag” to United before it was a thing.  His inspired play saw the Reds win three more titles and influenced a generation of players like Scholes, Beckham and Giggs.

 8) Andrew Cole

 414 appearances

 187 goals

 73 assists

In his first Premier League season with newly promoted Newcastle, Andy Cole scored 34 goals in 40 appearances and Kevin Keegan's side finished third.

In January of the following year, Keegan sent him to rival Manchester United, prompting clashes with Newcastle fans demanding an explanation.

 7) Dennis Bergkamp

 315 matches

 87 goals

 94 assists

Dennis Bergkamp isn't the most prolific goalscorer in Premier League history, far from it, but he was the heart of Arsenal Wenger's revolution at Arsenal. His 94 assists are only surpassed by Wayne Rooney among forwards (in 176 fewer appearances).

According to the player who has benefited from many of those assists, the Dutchman deserves credit for helping transform the Gunners. “Absolutely wonderful for our club,” says Ian Wright.  

 6) Harry Kane

 251 matches

 166 goals

 34 assists

Sadly, England captain Harry Kane didn't have the chance to honor his career by winning Euro 2021 this summer, but he is closing in on Jimmy Greaves as the top scorer in Spurs history.  

The only player on this list not to win a Premier League title, the 28-year-old has won the Golden Boot three times. He can do anything on field, scoring goals, pass. If all footballers had his attitude, the job of managers would be much easier. He's like a Frank Lampard or a Stevie Gerrard, an accomplished professional.

 5) Dider Drogba

 254 matches

 104 goals

 55 assists

Voted best player in Chelsea history in a survey by Chelsea Magazine of 20,000 fans, Didier Drogba's performance in the 2012 Champions League final remains a legend for the Blues.  

By scoring Chelsea's tying goal against Bayern Munich and then scoring the victory penalty, the Ivorian striker has been dubbed the Lion of Munich. Two-time Premier League top scorer and four-time league winner, he is more than a legend.

 4) Wayne Rooney

 491 appearances

 208 goals

 103 assists

Wayne Rooney a special talent for Manchester united and England international. This special talent go on to win five Premier League titles at Manchester United and become England’s most capped outfield player.

 3) Sergio Aguero

 275 matches

 184 goals

 47 assists

Only Mancunian neighbors Andy Cole and Wayne Rooney on this list can match Sergio Aguero for Premier League champion medals. Fourth in the all-time scorers standings, and second behind Thierry Henry for the number of goals per game, the Argentinian's philosophy is simple: "I like tips, I like to dazzle," said the striker. which helped City win five titles.  

 2) Alan Shearer

 441 appearances

 260 goals

 64 assists

No one has had so much to celebrate in the history of the Premier League than Shearer. 

Shearer's 260 goals. Title winner with the Blackburn Rovers, Shearer has won three Golden Shoes thanks to his physical and dynamic style. 

Alan was the best striker in the history of the Premier League. He's strong, excellent in the air, he has great technique and power in his shots, and in his prime he had real speed.

 1) Thierry Henry

 258 matches

 175 goals

 74 assists

When Thierry Henry arrives at Arsenal before the 1999/2000 season to reunite with former Monaco coach Arsène Wenger, Henry ended his first season with 26 goals in all competitions and has never looked back. 

Two years later, he won the first of his four Premier League Golden Shoes, as the Wenger Gunners achieved the double.  

Blessed with blazing speed and incredible touch, Henry has the best goals-per-game ratio of any player who has scored over 100 Premier League goals and is the only player to have scored more than 20 goals in five seasons. consecutive (1999/00 to 2005/06).

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