It Was A Tough Weekend For Lorch & His Girlfriend Natasha. Find Out Why:

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Like they say in life, some days are good while others are not, depending on what one is facing at the moment in their lives.

For Thembinkosi Lorch 's girlfriend Natasha Thahane, it was a weekend she would rather want to forget and move on with life, learning a few lessons on what to say and not what not to in the future.

Thahane found herself on the braai stand, being grilled for revealing that she got R1 Million funding from the Department of Arts & Culture through then minister Baleka Mbete at the time.

She did not know that her revelation would rub off people the wrong way, people saying she used her being grand daughter of Arch bishop Desmond Tutu to secure the funds from government to further her studies in the United States Of America.

Lorch would have been obviously by his girlfriend's side while she was busy seeing all the things people were saying about her regarding the situation she found herself in. 

She is however strong and knows that being a celebrity comes with finding yourself in hot water over the simplest of things a person can say. Surely she dropped the news about her scholarship with the aim of motivating others and sharing her journey towards her successful acting career. Little did she know that it would come to bite her.

The Department of Arts and Culture is yet to say a thing in relation to the news that they funded the education of the former Skeem Saam talented actress.

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