African celebs with attractive white spouses

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Amanda Dupont

The actress had one of the most beautiful engagements because it took place in the Maldives while she and her fiancé were on holiday. The couple eventually wed, although they did not divulge many details about their ceremony. Amanda is married to a supportive and caring man. Together, the couple has been enjoying their marriage and traveling. Supporting her after she claimed her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub assaulted her is one of the most admirable things Amanda's husband has done for her; it demonstrates his love for her.

Karen Igho

Winner of Big Brother Africa In 2014, Karen Igho married her lover of nine years, Yaroslav Rakos. The pair enjoyed a traditional wedding in Karen's home state of Jos, Nigeria. The winner of Big Brother discussed her long-term romance, revealing that they met in 2005 after she visited London. Six years after their wedding, they continue to be considerably happy together. They have also been granted a child.

Linda Mtoba

After meeting for the first time in 2008, the actress wed Steven Meyer in 2017; their relationship began in 2007. According to Linda Mtoba, her marriage is and has been extraordinary. In actuality, the actress equated marriage to dating, but with "Aroma." Linda has never ceased expressing gratitude for the fact that Steven is the most consistent and dependable person in her life. The couple is the proud parents of a beautiful newborn girl.

Takkies Maswanganye

Those who assert that there is no love on online dating sites are untrue, as this is where dancer Takkies met her partner Chris Dinwiddy. A year after meeting on Tinder, the couple tied the knot. Their affection for one another makes them one of the most popular couples. The couple was uncomfortable to discuss how they met openly, yet they did it anyway. Their wedding was shown on the extravagant reality show Top Billing. The couple currently resides in London with their two daughters.


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