It ended in tears for a man who wanted to take a second wife after this happened - see video

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No woman wants to share her man. It is understandable why many women would fight for their man. Sharing a man with another women is not safe because there are many diseases.

Most women who are in polygamous marriages go through depression and abuse. Some claim that their man abuse them and even refuse to give them attention.

It ended in tears for the man who told his first wife about taking a second wife. A woman poured boiling water on the private parts of her husband, who is also the father of her ten children, in protest of his plans to marry a second wife.

"Since the time I informed her of my intention to marry another woman, I have not observed any change in her attitude, and we have been cohabiting amicably."

The women pretended to be okay with everything. Deep down she was planning her revenge against her husband


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