Tanzanian Famous Artists 'Fight' Over Mother And Daughter


Rayvanny and Harmonize [Photo|Courtesy]

Tanzanian artists Rayvanny and Harmonize seems to be on war with each other over mother and her daughter.

A few weeks ago Rayvanny was accused of dating an underaged girl and got arrested. The girl in question is Paula Kajala,famous teenager and daughter to Frida Kajala Tanzanian actress.

Frida is Harmonize recent ex girlfriend,the two broke up just about a week ago. Their relationship was all over social media and they were praised of how good they looked together.

Even though their relationship looked juicy it never lasted as expected as they broke up. They have never talked about what caused their separation.

Paula Kajala and Frida Kajala [Photo|Courtesy]

However,new development has come up after Tanzanian singer Rayvanny accused Harmonize of indecency.

In a long Instagram post Rayvanny revealed that Harmonize was happy when he got arrested and that he used to call leaders to follow on the matter.

He said the main reason behind Harmonize and Kajala's breakup is because Harmonize started going after Kajala's daughter and even sent her inappropriate photos.

"Ni binadamu aina gani wewe ambaye unataka kuwa na mama na mtoto.Tena pia kwa mguvu zote na unatumia Hadi utupu wako bila hata kuogopa nafasi ulionayo kwenye jamii,' Rayvanny wrote.

He went ahead to claim Harmonize did not show any respect to Kajala even if she trusted her with her daughter.

"Hivi hukumfikiria mama ambae aliyekupa heshima wewe na kukuweka karibu na kutambulisha familia yake? Yani unataka utembee na mwanae wa damu yaani mwanae wa kumzaa?" he wrote.

He said he is advicing Harmonize to apologize to all women and mother's for disrespecting the female gender and parents.

Is this personal or professional disagreement? The two used to work together at WCB but Harmonize started his own music label.

Rayvanny is rumoured yo be dating Paula Kajala daughter to Frida Kajala while Harmonize us Frida Kajala's ex.

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