I Will Hunt You Down: Betty Kyallo's Cryptic Social Media Post Raises Eye Brows

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Renowned media personality Betty Kyallo. [Photo | Courtesy]

Popular media personality Betty Kyallo has attracted the attention of social media users with a post that she recently published online. The former K24 journalist left many wondering what exactly she meant in the cryptic post. In the social media post in question, the mother of one claimed that she would hunt down an unnamed person should he reveal their personal details.

"If you run around and talk about our secret rendezvous I will hunt you down," Betty Kyallo's social media post read.

Renowned media personality Betty Kyallo's social media post. [Photo | Courtesy]

The beautician did not reveal more details regarding the post, as to what it exactly meant and to whom it was dedicated. This left the majority of the social media users with only speculations. Some thought that she had directed the post to her ex-lover Nick Denda with whom she broke up under unclear circumstances.

Renowned media personality Betty Kyallo. [Photo | Courtesy]

Betty Kyallo may have meant that she will not be happy if her ex-partner went around sharing details of their former relationship. The two seemed to have a disagreement that culminated in their separation. Neither Betty Kyallo nor Nick Denda has ever come out to reveal the exact detail that led to their split. Ever since their break up, the two have been throwing shade against each other indirectly on social media. A section of the netizens believe that Betty Kyallo is yet to heal from the heartbreak.

Renowned media personality Betty Kyallo. [Photo | Courtesy]

The ex-KTN news anchor, however, appears not to have given up on love. She recently hinted through her social media platforms that she would like to find love again. She was previously married to NTV journalist Dennis Okari. She got one child from the marriage before they divorced. The two are currently happily co-parenting.

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