Foods that can create digestive problems: foods and cooking techniques to avoid

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Those who suffer from poor digestion know it; some ingredients can be challenging for our body and certainly, not everything is digested in the same way and with the same ease. Good food awareness and concrete knowledge of what we bring to the table can help us not only to stay in shape but also to avoid straining our digestive system; regardless of intolerances or allergies some foods can create digestive problems causing discomfort and in some cases also pains. Are you wondering what they are? Here are nine foods or preparations that are difficult to digest, with some tips to not give up some food pleasures by facilitating our digestion.

1. Fried food

The reason why fried foods are not exactly the best in digestibility may be intuitive, but we like to be clear; regardless of the food, frying is a type of cooking that makes ingredients slow to digest. Sorry to say: chips, vegetables, and fried chicken are real delicacies but, if you have a delicate stomach, it is best to avoid weighing it down and making your digestion a long and tiring process.

2. Dairy products

Among the foods that our body does not always digest easily, we find milk, which is often poorly assimilated due to lactose, especially by adults. If not digested properly, lactose can cause gas and bloat and, in cases of intolerance, even abdominal pain or diarrhea. If you suffer from poor digestion but do not want to give up dairy products, it is better to choose aged and hard cheeses (which have almost all lost their lactose) or lactose-free milk. A tip; since the enzyme to break down milk sugars, naturally produced by our body, decreases if we reduce the portions of milk assimilated, our suggestion is not to give it up completely unless you have an important intolerance, certified by your doctor.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol tends to tire the liver and can be corrosive to the stomach walls; the rule is always not to drink much wine and to limit it almost completely if you suffer from indigestion. Do not worry, you will not have to give up a cold beer with friends, but better not to take alcohol in the evening, to avoid giving too much work to the liver and incurring annoying acid refluxes (alcohol relaxes the esophageal sphincter) or bad insomnia.

4. Acidic foods

If you suffer from acid reflux, stomach acid, or indigestion, it is better not to consume tomatoes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes; particularly acidic foods can irritate the stomach walls, slowing down digestion. A glass of hot water and lemon is perhaps the best way to start the day, but if you're suffering from stomach acid, it's better to choose another type of breakfast.

5. Legumes

Legumes such as beans, chickpeas, and lentils are essential ingredients for a balanced and nutritious diet, but they are surely not included in the list of the most easily digestible foods. To be clearer; legumes are not "heavy" to digest, but rather our body needs a long time (even up to 4 hours) to be able to digest them completely. Do not underestimate the fact that they can create gas and flatulence, perhaps not exactly pleasant. Solution? Cook them for a long time and increase the soaking times when cooking dried legumes.

6. Processed foods

Industrial and therefore particularly processed products can be difficult to digest for more than one reason; they contain very few fibers, useful for intestinal regularity, and are rich in preservatives and food colorings, not entirely allies of our digestion. It is always better to choose fresh products, and our body and our digestion will undoubtedly appreciate more.

7. Red meats

Regardless of the cut, red meat can be an insidious enemy for our digestion; it is rich in protein and has a significant percentage of fats that slow down and burden our digestive system. If you are a steak lover, our words will probably not affect you, but if you suffer from poor digestion, perhaps it is better to choose white meats, much lighter.

8. Fatty fish in oil

Fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, and red mullet in oil can be quite difficult to digest especially for those with a "delicate" stomach. The reason is very simple; even if they bring "good" fatty acids, some fish are still rich in fats and, if preserved in oil, they can become very demanding for our digestion.

9. Raw garlic and onion

The basis of any good mirepoix, essential foods in our diet as well as ingredients rich in beneficial properties, yes, but garlic and onion are better eaten cooked, especially if you suffer from poor digestion. The reason is very simple; taken raw, garlic and onion can cause bloating and flatulence and, in extreme cases, even abdominal pain as a result of the stimulation of intestinal gas.


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