Best of Mammito's comedic duo.

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Mammito is one of the best female comedian in Kenya right now. There's no doubt that her efforts to make people laugh has won people's hearts. She was a comedian in Churchill Show. She has done many skits with other comedians. They are the following:

1) Mammito and Terence Creative.

Terence is a content creator know by many. He is Milly Chebi's husband, a blogger. He is well know for `Wash Wash ' series that blew up the internet last year 2021. He has made various skits with Mammito. Both posts them on Instagram. Most of the skits are about how sponsors behave and them mimicking other couples. They bring out laughter in all of the skits.Check them out on Instagram and YouTube.

2) Mammito and Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi is ranked as the best in comedy sector. He is a content creator. He was in Churchill show for a while. He has done lots of advertisements including Tuzo milk. He recently did some skits with Mammito . One of the skits is about the Tanzanian president Hon. Samia Suluhu where Eric is The president and Mammito her body guard.

3) Mammito and Awinja.

Jacky Vike mostly known as Awinja by her stage name. She is a famous actress. She was in Papa Shirandula as Awinja and she later exited. On her Instagram page , she post alot of funny videos. You can check out her page. She recently released a funny song on Valentine's day, `Sio lazima'. One of the funniest skits with Mammito was about house helps talks when the owners of the house are not around.

4) Mammito and Butita.

Eddie Butita is one of the best content creators. He wrote `Mubaba' featuring Shorn Arwa and Mammito. He has also written `Shizzo' which features Mammito and Kwach from The Trend in NTV. Both Butita and Mammito have been great friends for such a long time.

There's no doubt that Mammito has made thousands of Kenyans happy ever since she joined Churchill Show and to date where she does these funny skits. Who is your favorite duo?

Thank you for reading. Check the skits on Instagram and YouTube.

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