Two Dead , others Rushed to the hospital Following a Tragic Road Accident in Homabay Town

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Imagin waking up in the morning not to find yourself in the real human world.Have you ever imagined that you may sleep and not wake up but sleep forever?It has been a sorrowful end for a family living in Homabay after a tragedy that lead to them losing their lives on the spot while asleep took place.

It was arround 4 in the wee morning of today 10th July when a speeding cement truck loosed control before running through a gate and into the house on which the two couples were sleeping, killing them instantly.

The two were parents to a standard six kid who together with another child sustained severe injuries due to the sorrowful incident that left the residents to wake up in tears this morning .The cement truck is said to have been speeding from Kisumu and was now entering the Homabay Town through Homabay-Kendu bay road and on the junction, it developed what seemed to be brake failures and what followed was a bhang.

The wreckage of the truck have been moved to Homabay Central Police station.

Photo:An earlier accident at Kendubay ,Homabay county. Courtesy of standard media

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