A man who hates drama left people with questions after he shared how much he just sent his baby-mama

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A man who goes by the name of Xola Dj left people asking questions. This comes after he took to Twitter to share how much he just sent his baby-mama to avoid drama. Baby mamas are known for constantly asking for money, and Xola is fully aware of that. Xola just sent his baby mama a whopping R20 000 so that he won't keep asking him for some money.

Xola is trying to avoid drama by all means "I don't want baby mama drama" he wrote. In the screenshot this man shared, it can be seen that this money is only for his son. Many people were just out of words to say because R20 000 is just a lot of money for one person.Even though everything is written clearly in the screenshot, but people were in disbelief and they just couldn't stop asking questions. "How many children in that 20K?" Asked a Twitter user. "Is for the whole year. 2022. Very little though" Wrote another Twitter user. "That's R1700 per month! (If is for the whole year)" Added a Twitter user.

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