Top story: PRASA appointed David Mphelo as Acting CEO following Zolani Matthew"s suspension

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On sunday the passenger rail Agecy of South Africa (PRASA) confirmed that it placed CEO Zolani Matthews under precautionary suspension after finding out that he has UK citizenship.

In a statement, PRASA' s board said it found out about Matthew"s citizenship last week after the state security department declined his top secret security clearance.

The board said Matthews has deliberately failed to disclose that he is a British citizen.

Board chairperson of PRASA said this came as a shock to PRASA and upon perusal of declaration form signed on 8 May 2021 by Mr Matthews it was evident that he deliberately concealed this fact.

Ramatlakane explained that Matthews is on suspension to allow for an investigation to be done.

The board has stressed that Matthews is still a PRASA employee pending the investigation into the issue.

Source: google/news 24

Matthews told the sunday times days ago that the organization was in a critical state and that it's infrastructure was not ready for any modern rail network despite billions of rand spent on modernization since 2009

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