Don't let guys buy pressure for you on Facebook -Disappointed lady advises after she was hit and run

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It became a normal thing for people to connect themselves through Facebook and other social media channels. It will all start as a friend request and the conversation will begin from there. Some people were lucky enough to have a successful relationship while others go through hell and disappointments. A typical example is one young lady who was linked through Facebook by a guy and has gone haywire after things did not go well. According to her, the guy he met has made her gone through fire.

She said she has never connected a guy on Facebook before but this is a situation whereby she met this guy and he invited her over. So since she has met her on Facebook and haven't seen each other physically, she decided to risk her life and paid him a visit. She arrived successfully and all through her visit, the guy gave her food once a day. And even with that the food comes only in the evening around 5pm. It happened all throughout her stay until she left his place. Not knowing the guy was a player who only came into her life for fun. This has triggered her anger as she has thrown shots at him on social media.

She used the opportunity to advise fellow ladies not to allow these guys who live flashy lifestyle on Facebook to buy pressure for them because they don't have anything in reality. You may see them and realise all is rosy but in real life they are really suffering. She gave it to him and decided to let everybody know what type of person he is. As if that was not enough, her mother also came live on Facebook and cursed the guy. She said so many things with anger and told the guy he can't chop his daughter for free and spoil her name in addition.

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