Security Guard Charge At Court For Setting Tenant's House On Fire After The Landlady Dumped Him

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A security guard from Dangoretti has been charged with arson in court of law for setting tenant's house ablaze after he was dumped by the landlady.

Patrick Kirimi who is a security guard felt bitter and set the houses of a tenant on fire after Hannah Wambui who is the landlady dumped him.

According to the report, Patrick was seen by a neighbor within the area of incident and later inside the burned house while the tenant and landlady were not aware just few minutes before the fire broke out.

Neighbors helped the authority in arresting him and later escorted him to the police station.

The landlady was not at home when all this happened but her daughter who was at home inform her about the incident. Commodities worth more than Ksh 100,000 were burnt to ashes.

Patrick denied charges before senior Principal magistrate Derrick Kuto at Kibera law court and was released on a Ksh 200,000 cash bail or bond.

The case will be heard on the next two months.

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