5 Reasons why igbos should be grateful to President Buhari


President Buhari is the current president of Nigeria and he has done more good to the igbos than other tribes.

1. President buhari funded the Enugu-Port Harcourt road in the region which was awarded by the PDP administration in 2014 but was abandoned due to no cash backing. The road had suffered various deformations and distress in the form of slippage, fatigue, rutting, edge crack and port holes and because of buhari's administration it has been successfully completely.

2. The National home grown school feeding programme, which produces one meal a day to public primary school children, which currently feeds over 680,000 children and employs 7,366 cooks across Enugu, Anambra, Imo, Abia and other Igbo states.

3. Presidential Fertilizer Initiative (PFI)

Ebonyi was among the first few state government's to sign up the programme under buhari's administration.

4. Presidential approval for commencement of coastal railway project. Negotiations for concessional funding from China Bank on going.

5. Commencement in October 2017 of payment of pensions of police officers who were granted presidential pardon in 2000 after serving in the former biafran police during the Nigerian civil war.

Now you will agree with me why igbos tribe should be grateful to buhari because he is their saviour.

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