Video: Free SHS Students Proposed Love After WASSCE; Check Out This Hot Moment

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The long awaited moment in the life of every senior high school student is that moment which he or she is finally done with the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and free to join the real world out there even though they have no, or better still little knowledge about what transpires therein.

During such moments, students who find themselves in some kind of relationships whatsoever make promises to one another. This comes in as a necessity to especially those who find themselves in a love relationship because they are likely to part and go their separate ways after spending a lot of time together for three years.

In a fresh video sites by @schardotv on Instagram, a video shows two senior high school lovers proposing love to each other. The boy was found kneeling down in front of the girl, he subsequently pulled out a ring from his side pocket and placed it on the lady's hand. This happened in the presence of other students.

Although the name of the school is unknown, the students who were around were in a yellow checked dress and red-like uniforms. Amazed by what was transpiring right before their very eyes, the onlookers seem to be hailing the lover birds for their courage. It is believed that they were in such haste because heads of schools issued a directive that all students must leave campus as soon as the exams are all done.

The just-ended WASSCE marks the second batch of the free senior high school students who have successfully completed second cycle education. Even though some of the exams were reportedly leaked via social media, it came to a successful end yesterday, Thursday, October 7.

Conventionally, the results of the exams will be released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) at least two months after the conduct of the exams. This means that by December, WAEC would have released the results of the 2021 WASSCE.

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