Here’s What Zimbabweans Are ALLEGEDLY Planning to Do On The 14th Feb Regarding the Renewal OF ZEP

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The issue of whether or not Zimbabwean work permits should be renewed has remained unsettled. People believe that they should not be renewed and that all Zimbabweans should return home because the country has a high unemployment rate, which would be reduced if there were no foreigners working in Mzanzi. Zimbabweans appear to be unconcerned about the situation. They've been waging a futile battle for far too long. Even the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations has intervened. The Human Rights Commission will file a lawsuit against the Minister of Home Affairs for refusing to renew Zim work permits, or ZEPs.

The human rights commission's decision to represent foreigners angered South Africans. They even claim that the commission has been enslaved. Just when we thought things couldn't get much worse, another piece of news enraged South Africans. Broke. According to reports, Zimbabweans are planning a march on February 14th to protest the home affairs ministry's decision not to renew ZEP. A circulating post on the 14th of February has a link to a petition to March.

According to the post, the petition will be delivered to the South African Human Rights Commission, the Zimbabwean Human Rights Organization, President Ramaphosa, and President Mnangagwa, as well as South African and Zimbabwean political parties and other human rights organizations. Take a look at the poster below for more information.


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