Things to Do to Have a Sharp and Creative Brain as You Age


As we age we tend to have short memories and brain becomes dormant. To remain having a sharp brain all through your age then here are the tips:

1. Exercise for a healthier mind.

The body and mind are one thing so regular exercises like walking,yoga and aerobics improves your brain.

2. Regular reading and writing to stimulate your brain. Read journals,magazines or story books.

3. Eat healthy to stimulate your brain.

Eat foods like nuts,fish and red wine since red wine is known to be a healthy brain booster. Include vegetables.

4. Maintain a healthy weight and posture

5. Sleeping enough

Sleeping problems can lead to trouble with memory, concentration and other functions. So sleep well.

6. Play games or draw.

Games are other simple ways to sharpen the brain and stimulate it.

7. Listen to music and play music instruments.

It's enjoyable listening to music and it improves memory functions in older adults.

Share with friends to maintain there sharpness of brain at any given age.


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